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posted 08/19/2014 by

Officials with the US Forest Service are proposing a major timber sale that will impact the local region, including McCreary and Pulaski Counties. According to the story this week in the Lexington Herald Leader newspaper, the overall project will include the commercial logging of just over 3,500 acres in both counties and will also call for the controlled burning of more than 15,000 acres taking several years to fully complete. The proposal would, according to forest officials, help with forest management, improve wildlife habitat and improve forest health. They say that cutting less desirable trees in certain spots would help allow more sunlight and water for some of the tree species that are more desirable for the forest such as white oak and hickory. Some individuals and groups, including the environmental group Kentucky Heartwood, have expressed concerns about the proposal with specific concerns voiced over a part of the plan that would allow about 1,100 acres to be logged with a quarter of a mile of the Beaver Creek Wilderness Area, located in McCreary County. Others say the measure will not only improve forest and wildlife health but will also give a boost to the area’s lagging economy. For additional information on the project, contact Tim Reed, Stearns District Ranger, at 606-376-5323 or stop by the Stearns District Office on Higwhay 27 just north of Whitley City.

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