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Latest News - "Our Community"
Authorities in Whitley County have arrested and charged a father and son with cultivating marijuana. Officers say a social media p...
The McCreary County school District, and in fact school districts across Kentucky, encourage their students to be in class every d...
The McCreary County Soil and Water Conservation District is accepting applications from local farmers and landowners for the state...
An unusual assault case was reported Sunday afternoon by the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department. A news release from the de...
A Pulaski County man died Saturday after a vehicle crash on Pine Hill Road. Authorities say 57 year old Don Turner was being rushe...
Officials with the US Forest Service are proposing a major timber sale that will impact the local region, including McCreary and P...
An inmate being held at the federal prison in Pine Knot died last Wednesday after reportedly being attacked. Lexington media sourc...
In another incident related to the federal prison in Pine Knot, an inmate from the minimum security camp and his lady companion fr...
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