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Horse slayings probed by SCSD
posted 09/06/2012 by

Equestrian enthusiasts in the West Oneida community are on alert after several horses were shot and killed by one or more unknown assailants.

According to reports, five horses — belonging to three different owners — were shot, with the first incident occurring Aug. 17.

Reportedly, three horses belonging to Blake Newsome, a Williams Creek Road resident, were shot, along with horses belonging to two other West Oneida residents on Marcumtown Road and Willie Boyatt Road.

According to Sandra Tritt, Newsome’s neighbor, the incidents have horse owners in the area on alert.

“If they’re brazen enough to do something like this in broad daylight, what else might they do?” Tritt asked. “If someone thinks they can do something like this and fly under the radar until they’re forgotten, they’ll do it again.

“I’m not some sort of animal advocate but something has to be done,” Tritt added.

Scott County Sheriff Mike Cross said that an investigation into the incidents is ongoing.

“Unfortunately, it’s like someone going into the woods and cutting down a tree,” Sheriff Cross said. “A tree doesn’t talk.”

But, he added, “We do have a lead and if that works out we’ll hopefully be able to make an arrest.”

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