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Pine Creek home destroyed by fire
posted 02/14/2013 by

By the time Scott County Sheriffís Department deputy Paul D. Adkins arrived on the scene of a residential fire in the Pine Creek community Sunday morning, the home was already engulfed by fire with flames shooting 30- to 40-feet above the roof line.

The pre-dawn fire was discovered by a neighbor when power went out in the neighborhood shortly after 5 a.m., causing him to go investigate.

Reportedly, the home, located just off Pine Creek Road between Williams Creek and Grave Hill, was owned by Billie Canfield and had most recently been occupied by Michael Ellis, who was in the process of moving to a nearby residence.

In all, three alarms were sounded, with firefighters from Oneida and Mid-County joining 7th District at the scene. Despite their efforts, the small frame home collapsed about 30 minutes after their arrival.

No injuries were reported in the blaze.

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