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Seized vehicles net $10k in Oneida bid opening
posted 09/20/2012 by

Oneida’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen opened and awarded bids on two vehicles which were ceased by the Police Department, and adopted a resolution in support of a joint venture with county government to develop a recycling program.

Both of those actions came during a Thursday evening meeting at the Oneida Municipal Building, which marked the first time the board had convened since its June 21 session.

In a follow-up to a sale held earlier in the summer, the board approved two bids on seized vehicles which had been advertised for sale.

A 2008 Honda Civic SI was sold for $9,500, and was the only bid received. It was submitted by Billy Mitchell. A 2001 Oldsmobile Van was bought by Allen Hays for $540. The only other bid on that vehicle came from Wayne Foster ($101).

Acting at the request of Mayor Jack E. Lay, the board voted unanimously in support of a special resolution for a joint venture with Scott County to receive grant funds from the state to boost recycling efforts county wide.

As explained by Mayor Lay, the resolution, in support of a “Hub and Spoke Grant” from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, will allow the county to acquire a recycling trailer which will be stationed near the Oneida Municipal Building. There, local residents can bring paper, cardboard and plastics for recycling.

The Town of Oneida will be responsible for transporting the mobile recycling center to the county’s Recycling Center in Huntsville, which will market the collected material, thus reducing the amount of solid waste going into the landfill.

In other business Thursday, the board heard a report from Fire Chief Mike Stringer concerning activities of his department during the month of August.

Chief Stringer stated that the firefighters responded to nine calls during the month, which included three structure fires, three traffic accidents, a smoke alarm, landfill fire and brush fire.

The Oneida Fire Department also held four maintenance and/or training sessions held during the course of their regular Tuesday evening meeting time.

Also, the firefighters were in attendance for a special 9/11 first responders service and meal hosted by New Haven Baptist Church, followed by providing a fire truck with lights and siren for the last lap of local runner Trinity Smith during his annual 9/11 memorial run.

Just prior to adjournment, Mayor Lay reminded taxpayers that local property tax payments will be collected beginning next month and continuing the end of November.

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