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posted 04/14/2014 by

For several years a Highway 27 cleanup has been held through McCreary County near the end of April. This year, members of the McCreary County 109 Solid Waste Board with the Judge Executive’s Office have mixed things up a bit to offer a countywide “clean sweep” cleanup weekend April 26th through Monday April 28th. Citizens can sign up in the McCreary County Judge Executive’s Office between Monday April 14th and Friday April 25th and will receive free garbage bags and information on cleanup their yard, roadway, or even their entire neighborhood that weekend. The filled bags will then be collected by the county for disposal on Monday April 28th. Only bags of trash will be collected, not bulk items or tires. Various non-profit groups in the county will also be out that weekend picking up trash along assigned roadways and will be paid $50 per mile for their group using litter abatement grant funds received by the county each year. Those taking part in the cleanup weekend are also invited to attend a free “movie in the park” event Saturday evening April 26th at 8:00pm at the McCreary County Park, which will also include free popcorn for those in attendance. For information or to register for the McCreary County Clean Sweep Cleanup Weekend, call the Judge Executive’s Office at 376-2413 or visit

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