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posted 12/30/2013 by

It is hard to see any clear signs of an improving economy if you look just at unemployment rates. In fact, for McCreary County the number of unemployed has increased from one year ago when the jobless rate for November 2012 was recorded at 12.1%. That rate increased to 13.6% for November of this year and was also up from October’s rate of 13%. All but one of the ten counties in the Lake Cumberland region saw higher jobless rates last month compared to one year ago. Wayne County’s rate was about the same going from 11.1% last year to 11% for the same month this year. The overall Lake Cumberland jobless rate came in at an even 9% last month, down slightly from 9.1% in October but up from 8.4% in November last year. In neighboring Scott County, Tennessee, the highest jobless rate in that state was recorded for the 45th consecutive month. Some signs of improvement were seen however as Scott County’s unemployment numbers went from 16.1% in November 2012 to 15.7% in November this year. Unemployment rates are based on the number of active job seekers in a four week period.

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