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posted 11/20/2013 by

Three former employees of Oakwood in Somerset have been indicted by a Pulaski County Grand Jury on charges of felony abuse and neglect. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway announced the indictments of 22 year old Coty King of Pine Knot, 21 year old Cody Burton of Burnside, and 22 year old Timothy James Ball of Pine Knot. Coty King was charged with three counts of knowing abuse or neglect of an adult resident at Oakwood, while Timothy James Ball was charged with one count of abuse or neglect. Cody Burton was indicted for two counts. King and Burton were arrested in September after King allegedly enticed one patient to hit another and recorded the incident using a cell phone. Burton was also accused of taking part in the incident and failing to report it to officials. Ball was charged for a separate incident, also allegedly staged by King at the facility. The violations involved are Class C felonies which could carry a prison sentence of 5-10 years if convicted. An indictment by a grand jury is not a finding of guilt, but formally charges a suspect in a case. This case remains under investigation and is being handled through the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office and Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

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