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posted 02/19/2014 by

Kentucky’s healthcare exchange program, known as Kynect, continues enrolling residents across the state with an average of about 1700 Kentuckians signing up each day. At that rate, officials say the program should hit 250,000 enrollees by the end of this month. That is more than one third of the 640,000 Kentuckians who were estimated to be without health coverage at the start of Kynect’s open enrollment on October 1st. State health officials say about half of the current enrollees, or about 108,000, are under age 35. In McCreary County, Kynect reports a total of 1596 enrollments including 285 in the 18-25 age range, 317 in the 26-34 range, 311 age 35-44, 335 in the range from age 45-54, and 200 in the 55-64 age range. In addition, 148 have enrolled who are under age 18. It should be noted that an individual earning less than $15,856 annually will qualify for Medicaid, or free health coverage, while an individual making less than about $45,000 can receive assistance with their premium. Families of four can make up to $32,499 to receive Medicaid and up to $94,000 to receive some type of premium assistance. Open enrollment for Kynect continues through March 31st with information available online

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